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Body Treatments

 Eyebrows  $20

Upper Lip $10

Chin $10

Sideburns  $10

Underarms $20

Half Arms $25

Full Arms  $35

Stomach $25

Chest  $35

Full Back  $45

Buttocks  $30

Bikini  $20

Extended Bikini  $30

Full Brazilian $50

Half Leg $40

Full Leg  $60

Eyebrow or Lash tint $15

Both $25


Skin Tightening and Cellulite Treatments 

Using the Lumicell Wave 6 by Silouet-Tone, this device applies four different technologies to aid in improving your body toning and cellulite concerns. We begin with a photo-pneumatic massage to break apart the fibrous bands holding deposits of fat and simultaneously deliver an infrared light to heat and soften the underlying fatty layers. We follow with Ultrasound to further the fat release and then a bi-polar Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen production and tissue elasticity. Finally, we use a Needle-Free Mesotherapy treatment to infuse natural fat dissolving products into the skin.

Treatments are virtually pain free with no down time! For optimal results, we recommend doing a series of treatments.   Appointments are booked every 3-7 days 

Abdomen  $75/session  $250/4 sessions $500/8 sessions

Buttocks $100/session  $325/4 sessions  $650/8 sessions

Thighs (front or back)  $100/session  $325/4 sessions  $650/8 sessions


Ultrasound only treatment  $20 per 5 min application

RF only treatment $30 per 5 min application

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